Probation Information

A student is assigned a Term Academic Standing of Continue on Probation when they have over 2.50 credit attempts and their cumulative (overall) average falls below 60.00%. (Students with 2.50 or fewer credit attempts are assigned this standing if their cumulative average is under 50.00%.) This is because these are the minimum averages required by the University to continue studies with a Term Academic Standing of Eligible to Continue. 

When this happens the student is notified by Enrolment Services via their University email account. The Term Academic Standing is also on the student's WebAdvisor account (login and go to Students Menu --> Academic Profile --> Current Academic Standing).

Students CAN register for courses with a Term Academic Standing of Continue on Probation or Eligible to Continue.

The Continuation of Study policy -- which describes the academic achievements students achieve to gain a Term of Academic Standing of Eligible to Continue, Continue on Probation or Required to Withdraw at the end of a semester -- is explained in Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar at

The University of Guelph is committed to supporting students in their learning experiences. To better understand your current personal academic situation you may wish to go to Probation Information, Resources on this website to review a list of resources available to students.

If you are experiencing any difficulties that affect your academic progress, you should consult with your Program Counsellor. A list of services available to support you is also available on this website at Probation Information, Services.

First semester students who obtain a first semester average under 60.00% will receive an email invitation to opt-in for participation in the Bounce Back program. Please see Student Experience for more information.

In general, any student who is on academic probation is advised to seek information and/or assistance from their Program Counsellor on a regular basis.