Scholarship Information

All qualified students are encouraged to pursue scholarships to assist with the financial demands of a university education.

Internal Scholarships

Please refer to Student Financial Services for information on all Scholarships approved for offering by the University. This site includes a searchable database as well as information on other forms of Financial Aid.

External Scholarships

Students can also access funding from outside of the University, from companies, agencies, etc.

The processes for applying to these two major external scholarships include involvement from the University of Guelph:

Scholarship University Role University of Guelph Contact
McCall MacBain Scholarships The McCall MacBain Scholarships program requires the University to confirm each applicant from Guelph (graduating student or recent graduate) meets the minimum threshold for endorsement. That minimum threshold is good standing in terms of academics and overall conduct.

Rhodes Scholarship The Rhodes Trust requires applicants to possess an endorsement from their current university (or alma mater for recent graduates). The University of Guelph has an internal selection process to determine who will or will not be offered an endorsement letter.

Organizations that offer external scholarships that do not require involvement from the University of Guelph may communicate that information to students through the UAIC's External Scholarship list at To share their scholarship information they request access via email to AND they agree to abide by posted site rules. The email request for access to add to the list must be sent from/for an organizational email account (not a personal account). As with any list on any topic, this one is not comprehensive of all available external scholarships. For this reason, students may also wish to visit external sites that provide information about scholarships and awards, such as these examples (but there are many others!):

Updated September 2023.