Academic Support: Residence

An overview of Residential Academic Support available within the residence environment is available on-line.

Academic Clusters

Academic Clusters are one of the types of Residence Learning Communities offered by Student Housing Services. They are small groups or clusters of first year students who are enrolled in the same academic program, and share living space and friendships. This program is designed to help new students adjust to the challenges of university life and study. Each Academic Cluster has a Cluster Leader, an upper year student that facilitates programming that is cluster specific. Cluster information is online at

Academic Drop-in Centres (ADCs)

Academic Drop-in Centres (ADCs) are areas in residence that make academic Cluster Leaders and resource people from on-campus departments available in the evenings to answer questions and provide guidance in your studies.

Academic Programmers

Academic Programmers are members of the residence life staff. Their role is to provide an academic programming package to meet the needs of residents of their hall. Academic Programmers will offer study sessions, activities, newsletters and bulletin boards on academic topics. They can be reached by email at

Living Learning Communities

There are five co-ed Living Learning Communities in residence. The cornerstone of the Living Learning Community experience is social and educational programming and involvement. Information is available at

Themed Learning Communities

Themed Learning Communities give you a chance to meet your learning needs with like-minded peers. They include the Study Intensive, Substance-Free and Varsity Athletes Communities. Information is available at