Academic Support: Science Commons

All Students / Degree Programs

The Science Commons is a drop-in learning / help centre located on the third floor of the McLaughlin Library. 

Chemistry Learning Centre

For Winter 2022 the Chemistry Learning Centre can be accessed through the Virtual Classroom on the CourseLink Get Ready for First-Year Chem site. Students registered in both CHEM*1040 and CHEM*1050 have been added to this site, located under the "Resources" tab. Hours are posted on the site's home page.

Computing and Information Science Courses

CIS*1500: refer to the CIS*1500 course website

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre

Information about the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre is on the web at

For Winter 2022 the Math and Stats Learning Centre is being run online. They are available through Resource pages in Courselink. Students in courses supported by the Math and Stats Learning Centre are automatically enrolled for the Courselink Resource pages and can also access the information in the couse syllabus/information.

Physics Centre

Distinct help sessions for IPS*1500, PHYS*1300, PHYS*1080 and PHYS*1130 are all offered and information is shared on Courselink. Access to help sessions is through Courselink.


Updated 5 January 2022.