Acronyms - L

LA (l-a)
The Landscape Architecture Building is located next to the AC on the north side of Reynolds Walk.
L/A (l-a)
Lennox-Addington Hall is a residence hall located at the north end of campus between MacDonald Hall and Lambton Hall. Also see LENN.
Lab Animal Building.
Lambton Hall (lam-ton hall)
Lambton Hall is a residence hall for first-year students. It is located at the north end of campus between President's House and Watson Hall.
Gordon S. Lang School of Business. Was founded in 2006 as CME College of Mangement and Economics and renamedto CBE College of Business and Economics in 2014 before becoming the Lang School of Business in 2019.
Latin American Studies is a Specialization offered at the undergraduate level. Refer to the Specializations and Their Degrees chart at the start of Section X--Degree Programs in the current Undergraduate Calendar for more information.
LAS (l-a-s)
Library Accessibility Services (formerly the Library Centre for Students with Disabilities) is located in the Learning Commons area, on the Main Floor of the McLaughlin Library. LAS offers a range of services, software, and technology that enables students with disabilities to read, write and research more effectively.
Last Lecture
The Last Lecture offers the graduating class an opportunity to come together and reflect upon their experiences at Guelph, bring closure to the time that they have spent here, and celebrate their many accomplishments both inside and outside the classroom.
Presented by the office of the CSA Academic University Affairs Commissioner and Student Senate Caucus Co-Chairs in partnership with LEAD, LAUNCH is a fall semester training day for student leaders who are involved with the academic side of student life. Scroll to LAUNCH Training for Student Groups and Leaders at (Also see ReLAUNCH.)
LCSD (l-c-s-d)
See LAS.
Leadership Education Development is a program in Student Life that provides resources, opportunities, consultation and support for each student's leadership journey at Guelph.
Learning Commons
The Learning Commons provides learning, writing and library information support provided by Peer Helpers and professional staff from the first floor of the library.
Leave the Pack Behind
Leave the Pack Behind was a program sponsored by the Wellness Centre that raised campus awareness about the effects of smoking and offers support to individuals trying to stop.
The Learning Enhancement Fund is administered by the Office of the Associate Vice President (Academic). It considers proposals for funding of educational initiatives from individual faculty or staff or from a department, college, or academic support unit reporting to the provost.
Lennox-Addington Hall.
Let's Talk
A workshop offered by The Wellness Education Centre that provides useful tips to help communicate mental health concerns with or to others.
An inclusive acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons; the term includes both sexual orientation and gender identification.
An inclusive acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual, and other identities (symbolized by the + sign).
Lieutenant Governor Order-In-Council.
McLaughlin Library is located on Winegard Walk across from the McKinnon Building. It opened in 1968 and is named for Robert Samual McLaughlin, a pioneer Canadian car manufacturer and philanthropist, who donated $1 million towards its $8.175 million cost.
McLaughlin Library Media Room.
The LINK Program connects new international students with current Guelph students to help ease the transition into Canadian culture and/or life at the University of Guelph. The program is open to all new international students including those pursuing Guelph degree programs at either the undergraduate and graduate level and those on Exchange or Semester Abroad. More information is on the LINK website at .
OVC Lifetime Learning Centre is located at the east end of McGillivray Lane at Gordon Street, just behind/on the east side of PAHL (OVC Pathobiology / Animal Health Lab Building).
LLC (l-l-c)
Living Learning Centre is a residence community comprised of students with similar interests (French House, International House, La Maison Francaise and Eco-House).
Leadership and Organizational Management is a Specialization offered at the undergraduate level. Refer to the Specializations and Their Degrees chart at the start of Section X--Degree Programs in the current Undergraduate Calendar for more information.
Leadership and Organizational Management Student Association
LRR (l-r-r)
Legal Resource Room is a service run by the CSA that offers students access to legal information on a variety of topics, including the Tenant Protection Act. They can be reached by email at
LRS (land-ree-zors-sci-ens)
Land Resource Science (LRS) was a diverse department that combined faculty in geology, soil science, agro-meteorology and natural resources management. In 2009, LRS merged with the department of Environmental Biology to form the School of Environmental Sciences.