How do I decide if I should drop a course or not when I am not doing well in it?

In considering whether or not to drop a course you may wish to consider several things.

One thing to consider is that no academic penalty is assigned for a course dropped by the last day of classes (this changed from the fortieth class day effective Fall 2019 see Section III--Schedule of Dates for the appropriate academic year). This is a pro if you are doing poorly in the course and you do not think that you can successfully complete it based on interim grades.

On the con side, after the thirtieth class day no portion of the tuition fees paid will be refunded (see Refunds in Section III--Schedule of Fees in the Dates for the appropriate academic year). Also, at this point you may have completed a significant portion of work for the course that you will have to repeat if/when the course is re-taken.

Money and extended effort should not, however, deter you from dropping a course if continuing in it will negatively impact your academic performance and, consequently, your status under Continuation of Study requirements. If you would like to discuss a drop decision in more detail you may consult your Program Counsellor.