What is the difference between an Exchange Program and a Semester Abroad?

Students participating in exchange programs pay full-time tuition fees at their home university, but select their courses at the university they will be visiting and are subject to the rules and regulations of the University they are attending on exchange. The grades are recorded there and forwarded to the home institution at the end of the semester or academic year.

Students participating in semester abroad programs are subject to the normal rules and regulations of the University of Guelph. They pay their fees to the University of Guelph and select University of Guelph courses prior to leaving for the semester abroad program that are taught at the site abroad.

Additional information about Exchange Programs and Semester Abroad programs is available in Section V--International Study and Section VII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures of the current Undergraduate Calendar. Students interested in either an Exchange Program or a Semester Abroad program may also wish to contact the Centre for International Programs.