What do I do if I have an exam conflict (two scheduled at the same time)?

When available, the Exam Schedule for final and deferred exams for each specific semester is posted on-line. The listing is by course code and provides the date, time and location of the examination. It is your responsibility to check the final examination schedule to ensure that you do not have or add yourself into an examination conflict. If you have a final examination conflict it is your responsibility to resolve it with the instructor(s) of the course(s). An instructor is not required to reschedule a final examination from the date and/or time set by the Office of Registrarial Services to accommodate a conflict. If you cannot resolve the conflict you must drop one of the courses that conflicts. (Please see the Examinations policy for undergraduate students at https://www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/calendars/undergraduate/current/c08/sec_d0e7755.shtml and scroll down to bullet 1. under the sub-heading "Student's Responsibilities".)