Can I add a specialization or change my specialization?

During your studies you may wish to add or change a specialization. For example, you may chose a specialization and decide after taking some courses that you would rather explore a different field of study. Or you may take an elective in a specific discipline and decide you would like to take other courses in that area.

While it is much easier to add or change a specialization at the beginning of your degree program most degree programs do allow you to add or change a specialization at almost any point. When reviewing choices you should also be aware that some specializations do not allow entry before or beyond a specific semester level and some specializations may require a minimum average for entry. Also keep in mind that it may be more difficult to add or change to very different programs if you change late because you may have to make up required courses.

(Note: some degree programs have limited enrolment majors and require a formal application to change--information about how to change a specialization within a specific degree program may be obtained from the Program Counsellor).