Message from the Associate Vice-President (Academic)

As part of its dedication to student success, the University of Guelph is committed to providing high-quality academic advising in order to assist all students in the development and pursuit of personal academic objectives that are consistent with their life goals and opportunities offered by the University. While the Council on Undergraduate Academic Advising (CUAA) has responsibility for overall advising systems direction and policy, academic advising is delivered by a team which includes faculty advisors, program counsellors, the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre, the Associate Vice-President Academic and others.

As an undergraduate student you are responsible for understanding and meeting certain responsibilities regarding Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures, degree requirements, program and departmental advising. While these responsibilities are described in detail in Section I of the Undergraduate Calendar (Section I of the Diploma Program Calendar for Associate Diploma students) this handbook will assist you in meeting expectations that the University has of you. It will assist both new and returning students with obtaining information about academic policy and procedures and provide some answers to questions that may arise during your academic year. I know that it will serve you well as a source of valuable information. This handbook has been designed for use as a practical guide. It will be revised each academic year, based upon evaluations and suggestions from students and to reflect the various changes across campus.

I hope this comprehensive handbook proves useful to you in your studies.

With best wishes for the academic year,

Cate Dewey, Associate Vice President (Academic)