Ontario Beef Research Centre – New Liskeard

Image of beef cows behind a fence

The Ontario Beef Research Centre – New Liskeard (formerly known as the New Liskeard Beef Research Station) was originally established as a demonstration farm in 1922 by the Ontario Government. Presently, the station consists of 636 acres, of which 400 acres are pastureland for a 160 cow-calf herd with replacement heifers, along with brought-in steers on pasturing trials. There are three barns approved for use, all equipped with a hydraulic squeeze system, which allows for safe handling and weighing of cattle.

Research areas and outcomes

Areas of research include:

  • Extend grazing using set-aside pasture in a swath or standing plus standing corn
  • Low-cost feeding for pregnant cows
  • Synchronized fixed time AI
  • Foraged finishing heavy steers on pastures or in confinement

See current research studies at the Ontario Beef Research Centre – New Liskeard.

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