Ontario Crops Research Centre – Emo

image of crop plots at Emo Research Station

The Ontario Crops Research Centre – Emo (previously known as the Emo Agricultural Research Station or EARS) is located in Chapple Township, Rainy River District. This 54-hectare station on clay loam soil operates from mid-March to Mid-December.

Research areas and outcomes

EARS is very well situated to demonstrate both Eastern and Western recognized crop varieties.

This station focuses on adapted crop species including spring wheat, barley, oats, canola, soybeans, flax and perennial forages such as alfalfa, clovers and grasses. Research areas include cultivar evaluation, crop nutrition and new species evaluation. Research has also been conducted on renewable fuel and fibre crops, such as hybrid poplar, hemp, switch grass and miscanthus.

Currently, a small hops yard is in the process of being constructed. 

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