Arkell Equine Research Facility

Two horses in field at Arkell Equine facility

The Arkell Equine Research Facility is the home for a herd of horses, ponies and foals. The station maintains a herd of standardbred and thoroughbred horses and will bring in ponies and breed for foals as needed. These animals are mainly used for OMAFRA-U of G approved projects.

The facility is surrounded by 57 hectares of pasture with many paddocks and shelters for housing up to 80 horses, ponies and foals. 

On the property there are 2 large horse barns that include:

  • 3 stocks
  • 16 box stalls
  • 1 breeding shed
  • 2 isolation units

The Arkell Research Station includes equine, swine and poultry facilities.

Research areas and outcomes

See current research at the Arkell Equine Research Facility.

The Arkell equine herd is primarily used for reproductive, respiratory and locomotion/performance studies. The majority of the equine research studies are conducted at on-campus facilities at the University of Guelph, and the Arkell Equine Station is largely a ‘housing’ facility.

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