Ontario Poultry Research Centre at the Arkell Research Station

The Arkell Research Station is the home of a diverse poultry operation. With five barns, which include a combined total of 40 independent research areas with a variety of current housing systems, the Ontario Poultry Research Centre collects data and provides support for approved research projects. This research centre has several areas:


  • two 14,000 chicken egg incubators
  • one 10,000 turkey egg incubator
  • two 5,000 egg hatchers

Brooder Barn

  • Capacity for 2,400 broilers, broiler-breeders or grower turkeys plus 4,000 pullets

Adult Barn

  • Capacity for 5,000 layers including conventional, aviary and enriched layer housing as well as rooms with floor spaces for broiler breeders

Special Studies Barn

  • Capacity for 1,000 layers including some floor space for broilers or turkey breeders

Turkey Barn

  • Capacity for 1,500 layers, currently housing four heritage strains, as well as floor space for broilers or turkeys

Processing Plant

  • There is a processing plant on site for evisceration and further processing of broilers, roasters, spent fowl and turkeys

Research areas and outcomes

The poultry research centre is the focus of an active research environment that includes genetics, nutrition, reproduction, behaviour and housing for broilers, broiler breeders, pullets, laying hens, and turkeys. See current research studies at the Ontario Poultry Research Centre.

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