Ontario Crops Research Centre – New Liskeard

Image of crop fields at New Liskeard Research Station

The Ontario Crops Research Centre – New Liskeard (formerly known as the New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station or NLARS) manages approximately 680 acres in combination with an additional 49 acres of rented land in and near New Liskeard, ON. Several different research units – Agronomy, Horticulture, SPUD and the Emo Agricultural Research Station – are also operated from this site.

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Station Update

We're working to strengthen agricultural research at the New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station. Visit our station update page to learn more: NLARS station update

New Liskeard Agronomy Unit 

The agronomy unit at the Ontario Crops Research Centre in New Liskeard focuses on adapted crop species, including spring wheat, barley and oats, canola and perennial forages such as alfalfa, clovers and grasses. 

New Liskeard Horticulture Unit 

The New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station Horticultural Unit has five, 30m x 44m ranges dedicated to horticultural research. Research plots are located on clay loam soil with tile drainage, and have equipment for both drip and overhead irrigation. A three-bay high tunnel was installed in 2010 and dedicated to one range in order to modify the environment on a field scale, and extend the growing season into the spring and fall.

New Liskeard SPUD Unit

The New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station SPUD Unit consists of a tissue culture laboratory, greenhouses and cold storage facilities.

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