Arkell Swine Research Facility

The Arkell Swine Research Facility is a bio-secure facility that maintains and operates a 350-sow farrow-to-finish hog operation. It has a closed Yorkshire breeding herd. The station operates a 4,600 square metre facility divided into three sections under one roof.

Gestation Wing

  • 70 per cent loose housing and 30 per cent individual housing for natural and artificial insemination

Farrowing Wing

  • 6 rooms with 12 farrowing crates in each room
  • 6 nursery rooms housing 2 rooms of 200, 2 rooms of 160, 2 rooms of 140, and 1 room of 420

Grow/Finishing Wing  

  • 6 grower rooms, housing 100 to 120 pigs in each room
  • 4 finisher rooms, housing 100 to 120 pigs in each room

Research areas and outcomes

The swine unit is the focus of an active research environment that includes genetics, nutrition, reproduction, behaviour and housing. See current research studies at the swine research facility.

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