Elora Beef Research Centre

Image of beef cows at Elora Beef Research Station

The Elora Beef Research Centre has a herd of roughly 150 production cows plus replacement animals, as well as an annual crop of 150 calves. This herd has access to over 130 acres of experimental pasture during the summer months.

Calan Broadbent feeding head gates provide single animal access to specific feed in order to track daily intake for up to 180 animals.

The cow-calf facilities, including 30 group pens for six cows each, can be reconfigured during calving and weaning. Handling equipment includes cattle scales, hydraulic cattle squeezes and a hoof trimming tilt table.

Feedlot animal housing includes a conventional bedded pole barn (built in 2004), with 12 pens of up to 16 animals each. Each pen provides controlled feed access for the animals using Insentec electronic feed bins for the collection of continuous detailed feed and animal behaviour data. An additional conventional bedded pole barn, with 12 pens for up to four animals each, has the capacity to provide individual feed access for 48 animals using Calan Broadbent head gates for smaller scale trials.

Research areas and outcomes

Research at the Elora Beef Research Centre focuses on feed, nutrition, reproduction and performance.

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Technical Foreman: Tysson Amidon

Elora Beef Research Station