Elora Research Station (Crop Science)

Image of green tractor at Elora Research Station

The Elora Research Station is one of the largest agricultural research farms in Canada, covering 2,310 acres. It is designed to support intensive research in crops, soils, beef and dairy.

Research areas and outcomes 

A variety of research programs use the 400-acre crops research portion of the Elora Research Station (Crop Science). Breeding programs in cereals (wheat, barley, oats), corn, edible beans, soybeans, canola and forages have been present since the station’s establishment in 1969. Herbicide evaluation and development trials, forage and pasture management, potato, native flower and cole crop development, plus support for a variety of graduate student projects, occur on an ongoing basis. Additional research programs evaluate the effects of crop rotations on soil structure, crop performance and manure management.

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