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Summer Break or Summer Project?

This past summer three computer engineering students who had just completed their first year decided to take advantage of their free time to explore a self assigned project.

Headshot of Michele Oliver

Breaking Barriers: Rethinking Armor Design for Female Soldiers

Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear armour. Meet Dr. Michele Oliver, a trailblazer from the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph, who is working towards making armour more accommodating for the real-world superheroes - our soldiers. The twist? Her study focuses on determining whether armour needs to be tailored for female soldiers, a long-ignored demographic in military armour design.

Headshot of Kevin Keener with Food Day Canada logo and imagery

Food Day Canada 2023 - What do Engineers have to do with Food?

When people think of food, they think of farmers, grocery stores and restaurants, they don’t think of engineers. To celebrate Food Day Canada, we asked Dr. Kevin M. Keener, the Barrett Family Foundation Chair in Sustainable Food Engineering, to provide some insight into the relationship between engineering and the foods we enjoy. In response, Dr. Keener, shared the spotlight with a few of his students working in the Sustainable Food Systems Innovation Lab.

Headshot of Jana Levison and Heidi Ploeg

University Chairs for Women in Engineering discuss challenges, opportunities

Queen’s Chair for Women in Engineering Heidi Ploeg and University of Guelph counterpart Jana Levison agree engineering climate and retention are forefront issues.

In a profession that prides itself on solving problems, gender equity remains perhaps the most elusive goal for the engineering industry.

That challenge is the reason International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated each year on June 23.

Photo of Dr. Manick Annamalai

Guelph Engineering Professor’s startup company receives $1 million from the Government of Canada

Dr. Manick Annamalai is an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering. His research focus is to “Improve life by improving the availability of safe and healthy food”. His team is developing non-destructive testing systems for biological application, validating imaging protocols, optimizing machine learning procedures, comparing bio-imaging systems with traditional methods for performance and costing, and implementing in real-world food supply system.

The Guelph EngiQueers Loo

CEPS Student Club Q&A - Guelph EngiQueers

We spoke with Co-Presidents of the Guelph EngiQueers, Adrianna Con (She/Her) & Perri Worrell (She/Her), and talked about their club and what they have coming up to celebrate pride month!

Could you tell us a little bit about Guelph EngiQueers and what you do?

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