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Podcast Episodes

S1E1 - The Australian Exchange Experience: Zoey is a Psychology student
S1E2 - Studying Abroad in Europe and the UK: Jessica is a Psychology student & Daniel is a Geography student
S1E4 - How Study Abroad Prepares You for After Graduation: Jordie is an International Development Studies student
S1E9 - Identity and Study Abroad: Sayan is an IDS student
S1E10 - Choosing a Destination: Emily is an IDS student
S2E1 - The Netherlands Field School: a GIDS program
S2E2 - Comparing Experiences in Australia: Zoey is a Psychology student
S3E8 - Contrasting Exchange Experiences in Wales: Ashley is a Psychology student

News Articles

The Ontarion, issue 194.2, pg. 20 - What Studying Abroad is Really Like, Rachel is a Political Science student
The Looking Glass: Building Self-Confidence While Studying International Development in Singapore: Alara is an IDS student
U of G Students, Faculty Head to Sweden to Learn About Lands, Culture of Sámi: Dr. Anderson is a professor in the FRAN department
U of G Indigenous Field School Wins Award of Excellence: Dr. Anderson is a professor in the FRAN department

Study Abroad Ambassador Profiles:

Criminal Justice and Public Policy
Jordan K. - University of Stirling, Scotland

Bethany W. - Victoria University

Environmental Science
Claire P. - BOKU, Austria

Daniel G. - BOKU, Austria

International Development
Camryn M. - University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados
Carlea B. - University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia
Emma S. - Ecuador Field School: Sustainable Livelihoods and Global Environmental Change
Emily K. - National University of Singapore, Singapore
Joshua S. - East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Political Science
Havelah C. - Aberystwyth University, Wales

Alexandria M. - Netherlands Field School
Bethany W. - Victoria University, Australia
Jennifer W. - University of Manchester, England, UK
Jessica C. - University of Southampton
Lili M. - Universidad de Malaga, Spain
Zoey K.N. - University of Tasmania, Australia

Social Science
Brynn W. - University of Aberdeen, Scotland