Can I still go on exchange if University of Guelph has no partnership with the university I am interested in?

If you would like to attend a specific university that Guelph does not have an exchange agreement with, you can do what is called a Letter of Permission (LOP). A Letter of Permission gives a student from the University of Guelph permission to take credits at another university and transfer the credits back to their degree at the University of Guelph.

On an LOP the student pays international student tuition and fees to the host institution (often 2-3x more than UG tuition) and is considered a student at the host university for the duration of the LOP. The student is responsible for applying to the host institution and the Centre for International Programs does not provide assistance. More information on an LOP is available through the Registrar's Office, and your Program Counsellor will be able to talk to you about Guelph's administrative process.