How long will I have to accept or decline my placement? Is there any penalty if I cancel my study abroad program?

You will normally get a one week window within which to accept or decline your placements after you receive your acceptance packages. The deadline to accept or decline is put in your nomination package. Depending on your decision, a penalty may then apply. 

Should you decide to cancel your exchange after you have accepted your exchange placement online, there is a $200 cancellation fee, or a $300 cancellation fee if you cancel after May 1st for a Summer or Fall semester exchange program, and after August 1st for a Winter semester exchange program. (Students who are cancelling must also pay the $80 Exchange Administration Fee if they haven’t already paid this.) Failure to pay the cancellation fee will result in a University financial sanction.  For cancellations due to serious extenuating circumstances, such as serious medical problems or a death in the family, students may apply for an exemption from the cancellation fee.