How many courses should I take whiles on an exchange?

The number of courses you will be taking while on exchange depends on your host university and your degree requirements as assessed by your Program Counsellor. In order to receive full-time University of Guelph credits (2.5 for one semester, 5.0 for two semesters) when you return, you must take your host university’s equivalent of a full-time course load.

For example, in countries that are part of the European Union, universities use the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 30 ECTS credits per semester are equal to 2.5 University of Guelph credits.  In the UK, many universities use the CATS credit system, and 60 CATS is equal to 2.5 UofG credits. 

Since the exact course information or timetable for your host university may not be available yet, or you may not be sure which courses you want to take, it is recommended that you choose more courses than you will actually be taking while on exchange and have these approved by your Program Counsellor on the EPCS form.  We recommend going to see them at least two weeks or more before the deadline for handing in the signed form to your Education Abroad Advisor.