When will I receive my acceptance letter from my host university?

While it is really only a formality, some students find waiting for their acceptance from the host institution quite nerve-wracking. While you wait, keep in mind that many of our partner universities’ semester dates are later than U of Guelph’s. For example, if you are going to Australia for the winter semester, their semester doesn’t start until February and acceptances often don’t arrive until late October or early November.

If you haven’t heard from the host institution by June 30th for Fall departure or November 15th for Winter departure, please notify your Education Abroad Advisor and they will ask your host university for an update.

The majority of host institutions send the acceptance letters to students via e-mail (as a hard copy isn’t required for many visa applications). However, some host institutions send the acceptance letter via mail to the Education Abroad Advisors at CIP, who will then email you to come and pick up your acceptance.