Making a Course Timetable

How to Search for Courses

The exact course schedule for each semester is posted on WebAdvisor.  The course schedule for Fall is usually posted in mid-February and the schedule for Winter is usually posted in mid-October.

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down and click the red button on the right, “Search for Courses"
  3. Select 'Advanced Search' along the top, and specify the “Term", "Course and Sections", and "Location"
    • Note, you are not eligible to take courses at Guelph-Humber or the Ridgetown Campus. 
  4. Choose one or more subject area(s) that you are interested in
  5. If you are looking for courses from a certain level, under Course Levels you can choose: 
    • 100 – First Year (undergraduate)
    • 200 – Second Year (undergraduate)
    • 300 – Third Year (undergraduate)
    • 400 – Fourth Year (undergraduate)
    • 600 – Graduate (Masters & PhD)
    • 700 – Graduate (Masters & PhD)
  6. Leave everything else blank
  7. Click on the SUBMIT button

Course Sections

For very big classes or those that have a laboratory or seminar time, there are often different 'sections' of the class listed on WebAdvisor.  The section number of the class is found after the course code.  For example, for BOT*2100*0102 - *0102 is the section of the course.  Sometimes the section number changes if there are several different times when you can choose to take the class, or sometimes the class time is always the same but the section changes depending on what time you want to attend the laboratory or seminar component of the course.  You must choose the section of the class that fits your schedule the best.  If the course schedule is available on WebAdvisor at the time when you complete your course selection forms, please make sure to include the course section for all courses that you list.

Course Times

Most course lectures at the University of Guelph are held for a total of three hours a week.  A course whose time is listed on WebAdvisor as LEC Tues, Thur / 10:00AM - 11:20AM, means that the lecture is twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).   A course whose time is listed on WebAdvisor as LEC Mon, Wed, Fri / 12:30PM - 01:20PM means that the lecture is three times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.)  In Canada, it is important for students to attend all or most of the lectures, laboratories and seminar times in order to succeed in the course.

There may be an additional time required for a laboratory or seminar component of a class which will be listed below the lecture times.  A laboratory is a time for practicing what you have been learning during the lectures, such as for a science or language course.  Seminars are small group lessons or discussions that are often led by student Teaching Assistants (TAs).

Courses that are Closed

You may notice that some courses are marked on WebAdvisor as Closed – this means that a class is full (these appear shaded in pink).  You can still list Closed courses on your course selection forms, as we are sometimes able to get permission from the academic departments to register students even if a class is full.  If we aren’t able to register you in the Closed course, don’t panic!  Many students change the courses they are registered for during the first week of classes and spaces often become.  Additionally, you can ask the professor for special permission to be added to the class. The professor will have to sign a waiver form if he/she agrees to let you register for the course.  Many professors are willing to let exchange students be added to their course even if it is already full, however, this cannot be guaranteed and the decision is ultimately up to each professor. 

Making a Class Schedule

You can use the Class Schedule Work Sheet Grid at the end of the Exchange Course Selection Guides to map out your courses and make sure that the class times don't conflict.