Collaborative Specialization in Artificial Intelligence (MSc)

Applicants can apply for a collaborative specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI) while pursuing a thesis-based MSc degree in computer science.

The collaborative specialization in AI complements the traditional thesis-based MSc in Computer Science with a foundation of AI-focused courses and modules. Students enrolled in the collaborative specialization in AI will be provided with a more diverse and comprehensive knowledge base in AI, while conducting AI-related research guided by a faculty supervisor. Graduates of the collaborative specialization in AI will posses a comprehensive understanding of leading-edge AI techniques and will be able to apply this knowledge to solve real-world issues.

Similar to the traditional MSc in computer science, the collaborative specialization in AI is a full-time, 24 month program (6 semesters of continuous enrollment). During the program, students will complete five and a half courses, give a public seminar, conduct research and complete and successfully defend a thesis.

We strongly encourage all applicants to get in touch with prospective graduate faculty research advisors BEFORE applying. Finding a SoCS advisor is mandatory for admission into the MSc.CS program, and is the responsibility of the applicant. You can review SoCS faculty Areas of Research and current available opportunities to assist you in finding a suitable SoCS graduate faculty advisor.

Tips for Finding a Research Advisor


How to Apply

Please apply online at Applying to Guelph.

Application Deadlines

Available spaces in the MSc program fill quickly, so it is in your best interest to submit your application and all required supporting documentation early. Our application deadline dates for each semester of enrollment are as follows:*

  • Winter 2025: October 1, 2024
  • Spring 2025: February 1, 2025
  • Fall 2025: June 1, 2025

*The application deadlines are for both Domestic and International applicants. We strongly encourage International applicants to apply a minimum of 9 months in advance of the semester's start date to ensure study permits can be processed in time for admission. Please see the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Recommendations for International Applicants for suggested application timeline.

Please note: Application processing times may vary and take approximately two to three months for decision.


For more information, please visit MSc Admissions.

Fees & Funding

For more information, please visit fees, funding and scholarships.

Please note, we will not be able to pre-evaluate any documents, and must receive all the required documentation before your application can be evaluated. If you need further assistance, please contact our Graduate Program Assistant.

For more information and requirements, please visit the Program Graduate Calendar, or download our Program Brochure.