Current Students

DRiVE Lab (Driving Research in Virtual Environments)

Brooklyn Caren, M.A.Sc. Candidate

Erika Ziraldo, Ph.D. Candidate


Whole-Body Vibration Mitigation Strategies and Device Development

Megan Govers, M.A.Sc. Candidate

Janik Habbeger M.A.Sc. Candidate (Co-advised with Dr. M. Hassan)


Wearable Assessment, Development and Modelling

Drew Anderson, Ph.D. Candidate (Co-advised with Dr. K. Gordon)

Emmanuel Ocran, Ph.D. Candidate (Co-advised with Dr. K. Gordon)

Rebecca Wendland, M.Sc. Candidate in Biophysics

Calvin Young, Ph.D. Candidate (Co-advised with Dr. K. Gordon)