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Tegan Williams PhD Defense

Thesis Title: Environmental Stressors and the Neuroendocrine Stress Response in Zebrafish: Consequenes and Cytoprotective Mechanisms Advisor: Dr. Nick Bernier Chair: Dr. Karl Cottenie  

IB Seminar Series - Kevin Cazelles

Speaker: Kevin Cazelles (UoG) Topic: Impact of Biotic Interactions on the Geographical Repartition of Species Host: Andrew MacDougall

Oliver Frankllin PhD Defense

Thesis Title:  Phenotypic sleection of morphology in polymorphic Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) Advisor: Dr. Moira Ferguson Chair: Dr. Karl Cottenie

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Trish Schulte

Speaker: Dr. Trish Schulte (UoBC)Topic: Responses to environmental stressors in fish: physiological plasticity and adaptation in an era of climate change Host: Amy Newman

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Steve Heard

Speaker: Dr. Steve Heard (UoNB) Topic: The evolution of herbivore impact in novel plant-insect associations Host(s): Chris Caruso, Alex Smith, Hafiz Maherali, Karl Cottenie

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