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IB Seminar Series - Dr. Fernanda Valdovinos

Guest Speaker: Dr. Fernanda Valdovinos - University of Michigan Topic: Mutualistic Networks: Closer to Becoming to a Predicitive Theory Host: Kevin McCann

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Nancy Chen

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nancy Chen - University of Rochester Title: Tracking Short-term Evolution in a Pedigreed Wild Population Host: Andrew McAdam

IB Seminar Series - Dr. John Stinchcombe

Guest Speaker: Dr. John Stinchcombe - University of Toronto Title: Adaptation and Constraint in Introduced Plant Species Host: Andrew McAdam

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Dirk Steinke

Guest Speaker: Dr. Dirk Steinke - University of Guelph Topic: Message in a Bottle - Capturing Biodiversity with Malaise Traps Host: Sarah Adamowicz

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Nicola Day

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nicola Day - Wilfrid Laurier University Title: Soil Fungi and Boreal Forest Resilience after Wildfire Disturbance Host(s): Caterine Dieleman/Turetsky lab

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Joe Bennett

Guest Speaker: Dr. Joe Bennett - Carelton University Topic: Act Now or Keep Monitoring? Solving one of Conservation Biology's Trickiest Problems Host: Andrew MacDougall

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Dawn Bazely

Guest Speaker: Dr. Dawn Bazely - York University Title:  A Tale of Two Plant-herbivore Interactions: From White-tailed Deer Browsing to Sheep & Moose Grazing in which Spit Mediates a Plant Defence Host: Shoshanah Jacobs

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