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Navid Mostafaee MSc Defense

Thesis Title: Local Adaptation of Epistatic Gene Combinations in Autotetraploids vs. Diploids Advisor: Dr. Cort Griswold Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Roy Danzmann Chair: Dr. Nick Bernier Departmental Examiner: Dr. Moira Ferguson

Siavash Nazari Bionformatics Msc Defense

Thesis Title: A Bioinformatic Framework to Assess the Genomic Response of Species to Environmental Toxins   Advisor(s) Dr. Mehradad Hajibabei, Dr. Brian Golding Departmental Examiiner: Dr. Andreas Heyland Chair: Dr. Sarah Adamowicz

Dane Cronin MSc Defense

Thesis Title: The Origins and Evolutionary History of Feral Apples in Southern Ontario Advisor: Dr. Brian Husband Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Teresa Crease Chair: Dr. Jim Ballantyne Departmental Examiner: Dr. Roy Danzmann

Michelle Pyle MSc Defense

Thesis Title: Insights into Post-glacial Colonization of Northern Environments: Using Insect Phylogeny to Determine the Role of Biological Traits Advisor: Dr. Sarah Adamowicz Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Alex Smith Chair: Dr. Steve Crawford Departmental Examiner: Dr. Mehrdad Hajibabaei

William Jarvis MSc Defense

Thesis Title: Habitat Use, Movement Patterns, and Spatial Population Structure of a Polyphenic Sunfish Advisor: Dr. Beren Robinson Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Karl Cottenie Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Boulding Departmental Examiner: Dr. Ryan Norris

Sarah Schorno PhD Defense

Thesis Title: Biogenesis of Hagfish Slime: Timing and Process of Slime Gland Refilling in Hagfishes (Eptatretus stoutii and Myxine glutinosa) Advisors: Dr. Todd Gillis and Dr. Doug Fudge Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Andreas Heyland Chair: Dr. Cortland Griswold Dept. Examiner: Dr. Patricia Wright External Examiner: Dr. Michael Jonz (University of Ottawa)

Erin Siracusa PhD Defense

Thesis Title: Effects of the Social Environment on the Behaviour and Fitness of a Territorial Squirrel Advisor: Dr. Andrew McAdam Advisory Committee Member: Dr. Ryan Norris Chair: Dr. Cort Griswold Departmental Examiner: Dr. Amy Newman External Examiner: Dr. Ben Sheldon ( Oxford University )

Kathleen McGee PhD Defense

Thesis Title:  A DNA metasystematic approach to forest restoration in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica Advisor: Dr. Mehrdad Hajibabaei Chair: Dr. Cortland Griswold

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