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Msc IBIO Oral Examination, Kamil Chatila-Amos

Thesis Title:  Detecting Subarctic Caddisflies Using eDNA and Measuring the Phylogenetic Signal of Their Choice in Habitat   Advisor: Dr. Sarah Adamowicz Chair: Dr. Josef Ackerman

PhD IBIO Oral Examination, Sheridan Baker

Thesis Title:  The Role and Regulation of Prostaglandins and Their Receptors in Ovulation in the Zebrafish, Danio Rerio.      Advisor: Dr. Glen Van Der Kraak  Chair: Dr. Andrew MacDougall

PhD IBIO Oral Examination, Heather Slinn

Thesis Title:  Community-Level Consequences of Piper Chemistry on Tropical Herbivores, Parasitoids and Fungi   Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Newman & Dr. Lee Dyer (University of Nevada, Reno) Chair: Dr. Jinzhong Fu

PhD IBIO Qualifying Examination, Chris Farrow

Thesis Title: The Roles of Bed Roughness and Propagule Characteristics on Dispersal in Aquatic Systems   Advisor: Dr. Josef Ackerman Chair: Dr. Nicholas Bernier

PhD IBIO Qualifying Examination, Ben Schultz

Thesis Title: The Unusual Outcome of Hybridization Between Chrosomus eos and Chrosomus neogaeus: A Perspective on History, Sex and Selective Pressure Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Mandeville Chair: Dr. Georgia Mason

PhD IBIO Qualifying Examination, Jacqueline Thomson

Thesis Title: Multi 'Omics' Analysis of Tall Fescue (Schedonorus arundinaceus) and its Fungal Endophyte Epichloë Coenophiala   Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Newman Chair: Dr. Patricia Wright  

MSc IBIO Oral Examination, Melissa Goodwin

Thesis Title: Enrichment and Variability of Rearing Environment Influence Brain Size and Behaviour of Hatchery-Reared Wild Brook Charr (Salvelinus fontinalis)   Advisor: Dr. Robert McLaughlin Chair: Dr. Alex Smith

PhD IBIO Oral Examination, Carolyn Gibson

Thesis Title:  From Causes to Consequences: Understanding the Impacts of Permafrost Thaw on the Provisioning of Ecosystem Services and Human-Wellbeing for Northern Indigenous Communities   Advisors: Dr. Karl Cottenie & Dr. Merritt Turetsky Chair: Dr. Cortland Griswold

IB Seminar Series - Dr. Emily S. Choi

We are excited to welcome Dr. Emily S. Choy who will talk on, "Marine predators as sentinels of environmental change in Arctic ecosystems".   Dr. Emily S. Choy is an NSERC & L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science PDF at McGill. 

Evelyn Pielou Discussion Group - Katherine Drotos

Katherine Drotos will be leading this discussion. We all have "truisms" in our research, pieces of information, or definitions that we take for granted. Sometimes the simple act of looking for a good reference leads you down the citation rabbit hole (or fox hole, as the case may be) and you realize the situation isn't as clear as you thought. After reflecting on a chapter from Gould's "Bully for Brontosaurus" and examples from her own work, Katherine will discuss how to avoid these pitfalls and how researchers can prevent them in the future.

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