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Economics Seminar

Pierre Chausse from the University of Waterloo will present "Generalized Empirical Likelihood for a Continuum of Moment Conditions". His field of research is Econometrics.

Economics Seminar

Ruqu Wang from Queen's University will talk about "Common Value Auctions with Return Policies". Research field: Economic Theory.

Research Seminar Series - Corporate Social Responsibility: Smoke and Mirrors, or the New Reality

Kernaghan Webb, a special advisor to the United Nations on corporate social responsibility standards, will address CME graduate students Wednesday as part of the Research Seminar Series. Dr. Webb is the founding director of the Institute of the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility at Ryerson University, where he also serves as an associate professor. In his seminar, entitled Corporate Social Responsibility: Smoke and Mirrors, or the New Reality?, Dr.

Economics Seminar

Jordi Mondria from the University of Toronto presents "Asymmetric Information, Portfolio Managers, and Home Bias". His fields of research are International Finance and Macroeconomics.

CGA Ontario - Student Appointment

Erin McDonald, Business Development Manager, CGA Ontario will be on campus to meet with students interested in a career as a CGA.

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