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Registration deadline: Prud'homme Beer Certification® Level 2 - Beer Specialist

This course in beer education is designed and developed for participants who wish to further their knowledge of beer for use in the following: the hospitality industry; as an agent for a brewer/distributor of beer; or, beverage alcohol education. The focus is to provide more detailed insights into brewing ingredients and processes, draught systems while introducing Canadian brewing history and further investigating negative sensory components.

Employer Event: Reconnect with Accenture - Networking Event

Bring your talent and passion to an organization at the forefront of business, innovation, and technology. Accenture will be hosting an in-office networking event and speaker panel session in their downtown location for their upcoming internship recruitment cycle. They will be providing an informal setting to learn more about Accenture, the work they do, and an opportunity to meet with Consulting professionals.  

Mac Hall Stress Buster Station

The College of Business and Economics will be hosting a Mac Hall Stress Buster Station to help motivate U of G students in the lead up to final exams.  The Stress Buster Station will provide a wide range of resources that will be free to students, ranging from snacks to study supplies. The Stress Buster Station will take place on December 4 to 7 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

2nd Qualitative Accounting Research Symposium

The Qualitative Accounting Research Symposium (QARS) brings together researchers and accounting faculty who share an interest in qualitative accounting research from diverse methodological and theoretical perspectives. The Symposium provides a high-profile forum for scholars (academics and research students) to discuss accounting practice and research issues in the social, political, and economic context of humankind broadly defined. The Symposium features a key note speaker and a panel discussion.

Career Workshop: Job Search Bootcamp

Are you still seeking a summer or full-time opportunity?  It’s not too late to make sure you are job search ready!  Attend the Job Search Boot Camp to learn key tips on Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews and Job Search Strategies. The Boot Camp will be seperated into 20 min overviews of each topic over one hour:

First Nation Agricultural Workshop

Representatives from First Nations communities, provincial government, and the University of Guelph are meeting on campus November 21 to 22 for the inaugural First Nation Agricultural Workshop. This workshop in support of the pursuit of food self-determination among First Nations communities is led by professor Elliott Currie of the Department of Management.

Registration Deadline: Chardonnay Seminar

This seminar will explore the many styles of Chardonnay while we discuss how one grape varietal can taste drastically different from product to product. The topics will include oaked versus unoaked wines, hot and cold growing regions and why Chardonnay is grown in so many places across the world. We will investigate why the ABC (anything-but-chardonnay) trend has become so popular when Chardonnay is considered, by sommeliers, one of the most noble grapes in the world.

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