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College of Business and Economics professors receive SSHRC Insight Grants

Posted on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Written by Malvika Khera

The College of Business and Economics is proud to announce that five of its faculty members have been granted SSHRC Insight Grants. Economics professors Mike Hoy, Kris Inwood, René Kirkegaard, Alex Maynard and Ilias Tsiakas, have been collectively awarded with more than $360,000 to support their research projects.

“This research grant success speaks to the strength of our scholars and the research they conduct,” said Chris McKenna, associate dean of research and graduate studies at the College of Business and Economics. “We are very happy with these SSHRC Insight Grant results and look forward to seeing the impact these studies have on our community, both locally and globally.”

Insight Grants support research initiatives in the fields of the social sciences and humanities. These grants enable scholars to address complicated problems affecting human kind and societies. See below to learn more about our SSHRC funded researchers.

Mike Hoy

Mike Hoy received $65,880 for his research on social evaluation, risk and information. His research aims to investigate the benefits and costs of new safety and information technologies. His study will help to determine the new value of technologies as well as help find a solution on how these technologies should be regulated.

Kris Inwood

Kris Inwood received $148,374 for his research on the quantitative aspects of well-being and inequality in British settler societies. Inwood takes an economic and historical approach to examine the origins of inequality, to understand how it has varied over time and why inequality is greater in some areas than others.

René Kirkegaard

René Kirkegaard received $68,600 for his study on endogenous criteria for success and multitasking. His study aims to enhance our understanding of the characteristics of optimal performance pay contracts. Ultimately, this research may help explain why businesses use certain types of contracts and may also help improve government regulation of a range of industries.

Ilias Tsiakas

Ilias Tsiakas received $79,310 for his research on carbon emissions and global financial markets. The study investigates if the performance of investment portfolios that divest from high-carbon emitting firms is different from those that are indifferent. It also investigates the effect of recent environmental regulation on the profitability and financial performance of affected firms.

Alex Maynard

Alex Maynard received $94,000 for his research on the analysis of financial and macroeconomic time series data. This research aims to expand the definition of a long-run relationship to include small but persistent deviations from a long-run equilibrium. It is key to ensuring that economists are working with inclusive definitions and tools that can fully analyze economic variables.

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