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U of G business graduate student wins best paper at administrative sciences conference

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2018

A University of Guelph business student was recognized at the 2018 Applied Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) conference for her paper on sustainability reporting.

Management PhD candidate Taslima Nasreen submitted her paper to the conference, titled Qualitative Research in Sustainability Reporting – A review of various dimensions, theoretical and methodological underpinnings, which looks at the multiple dimensions of substantiality accounting and reporting, and what gaps may exist to improve future research directions. At the conference, she was awarded with one of the Best Student Papers awards.

“It took me awhile to believe that my very first submission to ASAC conference has turned out to be such an incredible achievement,” said Taslima. “I feel extremely honoured and rewarded for receiving this award. This recognition has invigorated me to moving forward with my current and future research endeavors.”


Taslima Nasreen
Taslima Nasreen


ASAC is a professional society of those interested in the scholarship, teaching and practice of management. The theme for this year’s conference was Diversity Driving Innovation, which highlighted the important role that diversity plays in supporting innovation.

A revised version of the same article – co-authored with associate professors Ron Baker and Davar Rexania – has also been accepted for the CSEAR North America 2018 Congress, to be held on June 21-22 at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

“I owe a special thanks to Davar Rezania and Ron Baker for their review comments and continuous guidance,” Taslima added. “I take the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the Brown Bag seminars organized by the Department of Management, from where I have received many insightful comments of my peers and professors.”

Congratulations, Taslima!

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