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U of G Datathon teaches students how to effectively communicate data

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2019

University of Guelph business students took part in the 2nd annual Datathon earlier this month to develop and enhance their business and data analytics skills.

The event, which is hosted with the support from KPMG and CPA Ontario, aims to provide students the opportunity to develop some of the important skills needed for data analytics, a recognized skillset needed in the finance and accounting industry.

“One of the most important skills that employers are looking for is business analytics,” said Connie Zavitz, Manager of External Relations and Student Advising. “Being able to take large amounts of data and using tools to transform it into data visualization is a highly valued skillset that provides a competitive advantage for students.”

After learning the basics of business analytics and the tools available, students were given a real-world problem so that they could apply their learnings in a simulated, competitive environment. There were 45 students at the workshop and competing in the event, including students from accounting, computer science, marketing, and economics.

Students competed for the top three cash prizes. Congratulations to the winning teams:

First Place | $500
  • Devin Duchesne
  • Jake Vogel Mathers
  • Muhammed Chaundhry
  • Andrew Colvin
Second Place | $300
  • Grace Barlow
  • Dante Ramsahoi
  • Kaiden Curtis
  • Matthew Paddock
Third Place | $200
  • Dhruv Mehta
  • Rahul Singh
  • Parth Patel
  • Arjun Bhandhoal

The University of Guelph’s Accounting program is accredited by CPA Ontario and offers a career-focused program that prepares aspiring professional accountants for a meaningful career with impact.

KPMG has been a big supporter of U of G’s accounting program, through a number of partnerships and their support of learning spaces on campus. The college will also be hosting KPMG Day on April 2nd, which is an opportunity for students to hear from and interact with professional accountants from KPMG, one of Canada’s leading professional services firms. The event is another example of U of G business students going beyond the textbook to see how the ideas they learn in the classroom can be applied in their professional careers.

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