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Two Lang grad students to compete in research competition

Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Group of CBE student competitors

On March 20, the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics hosted their college heat for the 2019 Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT), a competition for graduate students to present their research and its wider impact in three minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.

In addition to prizes for the top three competitors, the top two students from the college heat move on to represent the Gordon S. Lang School of Business at the University of Guelph’s final competition.

Congratulations to Afra Mehwish (MA Management) and Jinuk Oh (PhD Management) on placing first and second at the college heat. As the top two competitors, they will move on to the university-wide competition. Third place went to Zuzanna Jurewicz (MSc Marketing and Consumer Studies).

Jinuk Oh, Sean Lyons (Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies), Afra Mehwish and Zuzanna Jurewicz

Congratulations to all students for an incredible showing at this year’s competition. As part of the competition, students were challenged to consolidate their ideas and discoveries and present them in an engaging, accessible and compelling way. This year’s competitors included:


Allison Abernethy (MSc Marketing and Consumer Studies)

The Categorization of Vegetables Among Adults.


Jinuk Oh (PhD Management, Organizational Leadership)

The Effects of Leadership and Turnover Rates on Individual Turnover Decisions.


Nikos Fatouros (PhD Economics)

Optimal Energy Usage: Green vs Nuclear Innovation.


Emily Hunter (MSc Marketing and Consumer Studies)

Willingness to Pay for Genetically Modified Foods: Exploring the Role of Benefit Type and Moral Opposition.


Afra Mehwish (MA Management)

Workplace Experiences of Menstruation: A Qualitative Inquiry



Miriam Habib (MSc Marketing and Consumer Studies)

Responding to Low Severity Crises with Humour: The Effects on Organizational Brand Reputation.


Lena Jingen Liang (PhD Management, Services Management)

The Effect of Legalized Recreational Marijuana on the Destination Image of Canada.


Zuzanna Jurewicz (MSc Marketing and Consumer Studies)

Exploring the impact of self-construal on the time-ask effect.


Saad Hossain (PhD Management, Organizational Leadership)

Theorizing the Integration of Functional Strategy and Performance.


The University of Guelph campus finals take place on April 3rd, 2019 at 1:00pm in Room 442 of the University Centre. All staff, students and faculty are welcome to attend and show support for Afra and Jinuk!

The winner of the campus finals will move on to represent the University of Guelph at the provincial competition, hosted by McMaster University on Wednesday, April 17.

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