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Lang students start new year strong at Central Canada’s largest business competition

Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Group photo of JDCC Lang Team

Over 40 Lang business students traveled to St. Catherine’s earlier this month to compete in the annual JDC Central competition, the largest undergraduate business school competition in Central Canada.

The competition brings in student delegates from schools across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. The multi-faceted competition spans over three days, with academic cases for eight business disciplines, parliamentary-style debates, sports tournaments, social competitions, and charity contributions.

After hosting last year’s JDCC competition with an impressive showing, JDCC Lang continued their success at the 2020 competition, hitting the podium four times:

  • 4th place finish Overall Academic Cup
  • 2nd place finish in Business Strategy
  • 3rd place finish in International Business
  • 3rd place finish in Participation


The top four ranking in academics is a demonstration of Lang students’ abilities to compete and perform well across all categories.

“By reaching the podium at large competitions like JDCC, we showcase the exceptional students at the Lang School,” said Alexander Kremer, Team Captain for JDCC Lang. “JDCC Lang embodies the values of the Lang School, spreading a message of business for good.”

JDCC 2020 was the first competition of the year for Lang business students and was an impressive start to the year as they continue to display their talent across national and international competitions.

“We are incredibly proud of our Lang students and their success at JDC Central,” said Sara Mann, Interim Dean at the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics. “To finish in the top three in academics at this competition is an incredible accomplishment.”

“What a way to kick off the New Year,” she continued. “Lang students continue to prove that they can compete at any level, showcasing their talent across national and international competitions.”

Congratulations to each member of JDCC Lang!



2020 JDCC Lang Roster


Maxine Gagnon
Alex Kremer


Emily Dugas
Brandon Webb

Faculty Advisor

Kathleen Rodenburg


Olivia Feibel
Laura Kenney


Jenna Floyd
Razeen Nasher
Dylan Gordon
Emma Crosbie


Emily Balawejder
Sydnee Carroll
Carwyn Carroll
Daniel Tari
Catherine Hardy-Cooper
Marc Forster
Garrett Russell
Noah Berry


Rachel Jenkins
Martino Raso
Liam Ireland

International Business

Megan Harrison
Stephanie Sarellas
Michael Conway

Business Strategy

Sharanya Tiwari
Spencer Currie
Amanda Sarellas

Digital Strategy

Katelyn Cortina
Alyssa Weiler


Viki Ma
Marshal Adlington


Michael McAtamney
Kevin Barker
Nathan Parker


Will Hyndman
Thyra Gray
Connor Webb

Human Resources

Renee Morgan
Kaiden Curtis
Ashley James


Thyra Gray
Will Hyndman
Kevin Barker


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