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Lang recognizes faculty for excellence in teaching and learning

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2020

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The Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics is excited to announce the recipients of this year’s Lang teaching awards of excellence, which recognize faculty members for their excellence in teaching and learning.

The Paul MacPherson Teaching Award of Excellence and the Casey Cosgrove Teaching Award of Excellence were launched in 2018 to recognize full-time faculty members and sessional faculty members for their commitment to teaching and learning across a variety of areas, including classroom instruction, graduate teaching and supervision, course design and curriculum development, and the development of innovative teaching methods.

The recipients of the 2020 MacPherson Teaching Award of Excellence are:


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Nikola Gradojevic, Department of Economics and Finance

Nikola devotes a lot of time in guiding his students when facing decisions about professional development or graduate studies. For example, he has actively encouraged and advised many of our best and brightest to pursue a graduate education. He is also directing the GSIC club, where he is heavily involved in all practical aspects of managing the students’ investment portfolio. The creation of the student-managed GSIC portfolio using real funds sponsored by Fidelity has been a transformative initiative at Lang in terms of merging real-word experience with active student learning coupled with invaluable career opportunities at Fidelity for our best and brightest.

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Daniela Senkl, Department of Management

Daniela has been a key player in re-designing the Introduction to Financial Accounting course. The re-design involves the development of 18 seminars, intended to help students work through the course material in an active and experiential way. She is also an active participant in her department’s weekly seminars and contributed meaningfully to the organization of their annual accounting symposium.

Photo of Sonia

Sonia Dhaliwal, Department of Management

Sonia is a dedicated faculty member with a commitment to providing students with a meaningful learning experience using active learning. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her teaching skills and her teaching/active learning materials. When these efforts result in risky new ideas, Sonia jumps right in. A recent example that comes to mind is her incorporation of the Inquire program into her advanced tax course. This activity took the mock client service exercise up to a new level of authenticity: Through Inquire, she matched her class with a real client, and together with Sonia, the class analyzed the tax rules that applied to that client’s situation and provided their analysis to the company at the end of the term.


The recipient of the 2020 Casey Cosgrove Teaching Award of Excellence is:


David Green, Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies

David is a sessional instructor with a passion for quality teaching and connecting with students. Students have been appreciative of his approach, as he shares his philosophy of education, which highlights being learner-centered, available to students, and facilitating students’ success. He is concerned about students’ needs and invited us to provide information such as what we were expecting from the course, how we would be contributing to learning, and any anticipated challenges. This information was used to ensure that he was addressing students’ needs. Additionally, he consistently requests students’ feedback provides a report on students’ feedback, including how he would be addressing concerns raised in class.


Congratulations to all award recipients!

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