Growing "as a leader in ethical and sustainable business" - Katelyn MacGillivray, BComm Lang Scholar | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Growing "as a leader in ethical and sustainable business" - Katelyn MacGillivray, BComm Lang Scholar

Posted on Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Photo of Katelyn MacGillivray

Katelyn MacGillivray, Lang Scholar Recipient

Program/ major at UofG/ Lang: Food and Agriculture Business
Hometown: Wellesley, ON

How have you improved your community?

"I have helped improve my community through several volunteer positions working with kids. I was a camp counsellor for two summers where I served and taught kids at Conestoga Bible Camp and U-Turn Ranch. I also taught Sunday school lessons at Lincoln Road Chapel for several years. This past summer I enjoyed teaching kids about growing sweet corn and touring them around my fields through my business Corn Girls. I strongly believe in educating all kids from a young age about agricultural practices."


What does it mean to be named one of the Lang Scholars?

"It is an honour to be named one of this year’s Lang Scholars along with several other incredible students. In my time here at Lang, I am excited to grow further as a leader in ethical and sustainable business and strive to be a lifelong leader in my community."


Why did you choose to attend Lang at the UofG?

"Lang was my first choice as a business school. The three things that stood out and made my decision for me were the following: Lang’s mission to use business as a force for good, Lang’s dedication to all their students, and my programs link between Lang and OAC. After my first few weeks at Lang, I am proud to say that it is a unique place filled with ambition, positive thinking, and sustainable goals to improve life. I am so excited to spend the next five years here."


How do you think business can be used as a force for good?

"Business can be used to improve life by bridging the gap between producers and consumers in agriculture. Canadian agribusiness is diverse and filled with passionate, innovative, and intelligent farmers working towards sustainable goals, yet they often are overlooked and misunderstood by the media. Using business to educate and inform consumers about true agricultural practices is one example of how to be a leader for a sustainable world."


What are your career aspirations?

"I am passionate about the agribusiness industry and am excited to begin making an impact towards sustainability in Canadian agriculture."

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