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Lang Students' Association launches new clothing brand

Posted on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024

Written by Chloe van Kessel & Ruqayah Haffejee

Chloe van Kessel & Ruqayah Haffejee in the Commerce Corner

Throughout the Summer 2023, the first floor of Macdonald Hall underwent renovations that included a new space for the Lang Students’ Association (LSA), the Commerce Corner. This space provides our students with an opportunity to lean into their entrepreneurship spirit and sell the Lang School merchandise. They didn’t stop there though, dedicating extensive efforts to further develop an identity for our students, the LSA’s Marketing Team unveiled the new brand, Commerce Collective, everyday wear for the everyday student.  

How it All Began

The Co-Director of Marketing (Merch) for the LSA, Chloe van Kessel, has had the privilege of steering the organization's apparel initiatives to new heights. With three years of prior experience on the LSA, she assumed the role of director with an ambition to elevate the quality and style of the apparel offered to commerce students. After numerous brainstorming sessions, her dedication was focused on designing trendy and creative designs that would appeal to our students. Before presenting her pitch to the Dean's Office, she sought the assistance of her Co-Director, Ruqayah Haffejee, recognizing the importance of her support in executing her new ideas. Her experience in graphic design and marketing strategy would be crucial to this launch coming to life and showcasing it to the student body. Chloe and Ruqayah started as Brand Ambassadors together in their first year and progressed through various roles within the LSA. This year, they reunited as Co-Directors of Marketing, marking the start of their genuine partnership. Collaborating seamlessly with Jenna Easter from the Dean's Office, they conceptualized and brought to life the Commerce Collective. The summer was a whirlwind of planning and bringing together the official launch of their first collection, "Pilot," in early October. “Pilot” achieved overwhelming success, almost selling out on its first day!

“Stepping into this role, my goal was to provide students with not only the opportunity to have trendy merch but also to foster a community embracing our passion for the program. Pivoting and elevating our merch through the Commerce Collective fulfills a gap within our Lang community. I am proud of myself and my team for leading this initiative, every moment has been rewarding," said Chloe van Kessel.

“Playing a leading role in the creation of the Commerce Collective has been nothing short of rewarding. I am so proud to be leaving behind a lasting legacy in the Lang community. I can’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else but my co-director, and our amazing marketing team who have been essential to our success," added Ruqayah Haffejee.

What's Next

For the remainder of the 2023-2024 academic year, students can look forward to a monthly drop of fresh, trendsetting apparel, each representing empowerment and creativity. As the Commerce Collective continues to evolve, Chloe and Ruqayah, as well as the LSA Marketing team, are thrilled about the positive impact their creations will have on the campus fashion landscape and are eager to see how it evolves down the line.

Shop the Commerce Collective here.



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