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JDCC Elevates the Lang Name Once Again

Posted on Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

JDCC team photo

After months of practice, the Lang JDCC put their knowledge and skills to the test last weekend at the national level and came out with a podium finish.

This was an incredible year for Lang at JDCC, placing third overall at the competition, having only sent 6 academic teams. The awards themselves are even more impressive as we reflect on the fact that many of the students this year were new to JDCC and doing this work for the first time.

The collective group of students on this team represented Lang’s values in building positive relationships with other teams and sponsors, supporting each other in the challenging moments of competition, and bringing an ethical lens of business as a force for good.

JDCC 2024 Results and Team Members:

Debate - 1st place:  

  • Trent Claessens 
  • Daniel Neiterman  
  • Lora Laleva 
  • Owen Williams 

Accounting - 2nd place: 

  • Nathan Stamenov
  • Will Meng

International Business - 3rd place: 

  • Matthew MacKenzie
  • Svend-Emil Poulsen
  • Eva Kapukhina

Sports - 2nd place and 3rd place:

  • Jacob Lohrenz 
  • Nicholas McCabe 
  • Sam Muller 
  • Robert Fraser 
  • Monika Mayes
  • Riley Oyler

Social - 3rd place:

  • Jillian Stuart 
  • Christina Tzakas 
  • Liat Wolfish
  • Vela Bird

Best speaker: 

  • Daniel Neiterman

We asked a few of the JDCC team members to share more about their experience. Here’s what they had to say:

I would describe our accomplishments this year as an incredibly emotional experience for everyone. Hearing "Lang" echo through the building for 9 different awards is something that we could have never expected. The love and support that JDCC Lang showed to our team members and the other participants of the competition was a true demonstration of what Lang stands for. – Matthew MacKenzie (he/him), Food & Agricultural Business Co-op, 3rd year

Being a part of JDCC means being part of a community full of support and encouragement. Not only have I been able to develop professional skills, including my analytical and presentation skills, but I have been able to create so many invaluable connections. It truly feels like being a part of a family, and I would encourage everyone to put themselves out there and join. – Elizabeth Willetts (she/her), Management, Economics and Finance, 2nd year

The JDCC Lang debate team has always stood apart from other teams with our facts and knowledge of course, but I believe our secret weapon is our team cohesion and collective professional tone and composure. – Lora Laleva (she/her), Management Economics and Finance, 3rd year.

It is a space for high performers and regardless of how you place, you will only learn, grow, and become stronger. As a fourth-year student, I regret not joining sooner. – Jacob Lohrenz (he/him), Marketing Management, 4th year


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