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A transformative journey for BComm student Cory Pryce

Posted on Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Written by Cory Pryce

Cory Pryce

BComm student Cory Pryce writes about how his time at the Lang School has been a transformative journey. 

Over the past four years, Lang has been an incubator for my academic and personal growth. When I initially embarked on my journey, I came in as a curious but directionless, undeclared student motivated to get my classes started so I could focus on my niche. After my first semester, the Marketing Management major emerged as the most suited option for me because of its diverse core and flexibility of electives. Additionally, within Lang’s marketing courses, the deliberate emphasis on developing communication skills was attractive, as I firmly believed that the ability to articulate ideas was one of the most valuable skills I could learn to become a better leader, collaborator, and relationship-builder. This value I identified early on, along with the passion for psychology I was able to pursue through my electives, helped me derive a great sense of purpose from my studies. As a result, I strove for excellence in every course, and because of the generous number of awards available through Lang, I received tremendous support through five scholarships.

In addition to my academics, I actively engaged in extracurricular activities, campus jobs, and research experiences that enriched my academic experience. I began my employment journey as a video assistant for the Gryphon Football Team, a role I held for two years. This experience allowed me to immerse myself in the dynamics of building a team and understand the importance of developing a shared vision when striving for group success. Building on this foundation, I seized an opportunity to work with the Toronto Argonauts last CFL season, further refining my teamwork skills and learning from leaders in a professional sports setting.

Apart from jobs in sports, I was also involved in various research projects. Working with the Ontario Public Interest Research Group, I reviewed ethical and sustainable procurement practices at Lang, resulting in the privilege of presenting my findings to the University of Guelph’s Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct Advisory Committee. I also held two positions as an undergraduate research assistant (URA), the first was for the Institute for Sustainable Commerce at Guelph, supervised by Dr. Rumina Dhalla, creating sustainability guides for events and conferences, and the second was under the guidance of Dr. Sara Wick in the Department of Management, studying the impact of employee ostracism, knowledge sharing, and blockchain accounting systems in the workplace. Each of these positions helped equip me with valuable research experience and a deeper understanding of the critical thinking it takes to unravel complex topics.

Furthermore, involvement in extracurricular activities has been a cornerstone of my university experience. Serving as President of the Guelph Black Professionals (GBP), I was able to help facilitate workshops and networking events where students could engage in activities beneficial to their academic and professional development while also being able to converse openly about sensitive topics regarding race. My most significant accomplishments in this role were helping organize and co-host three panel discussions, where over two hundred students attended to hear BIPOC industry and academic professionals share their life stories, work experiences, and give personalized advice. Another noteworthy extracurricular was participating in the Lang Sustainability Conference’s case competition. Placing first in my group’s initial pool and securing the fourth position overall, I had the chance to tackle real-world issues faced in the supply chain of Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. This experience helped me hone my problem-solving skills by applying theoretical knowledge from my classes to a practical domain.

Reflecting on my time at Lang, I am grateful for the support and opportunities that have shaped me into who I am today. I have established relationships with many individuals whose drive, creativity, and intelligence continue to inspire me to grow. The journey has been transformative, and I look forward to carrying these experiences and lessons into my future academic and professional pursuits.

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