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News related to marketing research

Marketing prof explores the interplay between tobacco and food product marketing claims

The claims marketers make to nudge consumers towards their products or services are carefully selected and highly scrutinized. In a new editorial by Lang marketing prof Dr. Tim Dewhirst titled "Interplay of food and tobacco product descriptors as health claims" published in the British medical journal Tobacco Control, describes the modern yet deceptive marketing approach that tobacco companies are beginning to use to promote their products as being a healthier alternatives.

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Imagined scarcity drives panic buying during COVID-19 pandemic

Marketing and consumer studies professor Dr. Sunghwan Yi explores the factors that contribute to excessive, panic buying during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first brought the world to its knees in March 2020, incidents of panic buying began to make headlines around the globe. From Brazil to India, hygiene products and grocery staples flew off shelves in record time. 

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