March 28: Course Evaluations Matter | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

March 28: Course Evaluations Matter

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011

Course evaluations matter to our College. They matter so much that the College is giving away an iPad 2 to a lucky CME student who completes his or her evaluations! Over the last few years, response rates for online course evaluations have been dwindling. CME intends to change this trend by encouraging students to express their views on the courses they take.  From March 28 through April 1, CME students can find laptops and CME representatives in MacKinnon and MacDonald Institute, where they will have opportunities to fill out course evaluations online.

If you are a CME student who completes all of your course evaluations, you can submit your name for a draw. The winner will be selected on Friday, April 1.  He/she will receive a new iPad 2. Our College highly values the information given by students on course evaluations, and takes it very seriously. We want to hear from you!

Come and visit our booths to make our courses better, one course evaluation at a time.

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