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May 20: Business Prof Captures Headlines

Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011

Prof. Sean Lyons has been featured around the globe for his recent study that found women have lower career expectations than do men.

His research has been covered by the Globe and Mail, National Post and Maclean's, and by other national and international publications.

The business professor, who worked on the study with researchers from Carleton and Dalhousie universities, examined career expectations and priorities of more than 23,000 Canadian undergraduate students.

He found women predict their starting salaries to be 14 per cent less than what men forecast. This gap in wage expectations widens over their careers, with women anticipating their earnings to be 18 per cent less than men's after five years on the job. The study also found women expect to wait almost two months longer than men for their first step up the corporate ladder.

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