Student Course Evaluations

All students are welcome to evaluate Department of Management courses by completing an online questionnaire. Faculty may also choose to offer their course evaluations in class.

You may evaluate a course at any time during the last two weeks of classes by logging on to the Course Evaluation Website (An email reminder will be sent to students).

As you complete the evaluation for each course, it will be removed from your list. Please fill out the evaluation thoughtfully, add written comments and "sign" the comments by marking "I agree" on Question 16 of the survey. Along with the tabulated results from questions 1-17, only "signed" comments can be used in the promotion and tenure process for the instructor.

Please note that the survey results and all comments are given to the instructor AFTER the final grades are submitted. Your responses to 1-17 are anonymous and your "signature" applies to your comments only. The Department places great importance on feedback from student course evaluations - faculty members use this input to revise and further develop courses. The Tenure and Promotion Committee uses the feedback to evaluate an instructor's teaching responsibilities. Your constructive suggestions are most helpful.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the evaluation, please contact the Academic Secretary by email at Thank you for your participation!