Fall 2018 Course Outlines

Fall 2018

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B.Comm Courses:  Accounting - Guelph Campus

ACCT1220    0101-0111    Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT1220    DE           Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT2230 01             Management Accounting
ACCT2230    DE           Management Accounting
ACCT3280    01-03     Auditing I
ACCT3330    01-02     Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCT3340    01-02     Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCT3350    01-02    Taxation
ACCT4220    01-02     Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCT4230    01            Advanced Management Accounting
ACCT4270    01-02    Auditing II
ACCT4350    01            Income Taxation II
MGMT3140    01         Business Analytics
MGMT3320    01         Financial Management
MGMT3320    02 03  Financial Management
MGMT3320    DE        Financial Management

B.Comm Courses:  Leadership & Organizational Management (LOM) - Guelph Campus

HROB2090    01        Individuals & Groups in Organizations
HROB2090    02        Individuals & Groups in Organizations
HROB2090    DE       Individuals & Groups in Organizations
HROB2290    01        Human Resources Management
HROB3010    01        Managing & Rewarding Performance
HROB3010    DE       Managing & Rewarding Performance
HROB3050    01        Employment Law
HROB3070    01        Attracting & Acquiring Talent
HROB3100    01        Development Management & Leadership Competencies
HROB4100    01        Evidence-Based People Management
MGMT3020    01      Corporate Social Responsibility
MGMT3020    DE     Corporate Social Responsibility
UNIV2200       01       Towards Sustainability

Leadership Certificate - Guelph Campus

HROB2010    01       Foundations of Leadership
HROB2010    DE      Foundations of Leadership



MA Management

BIOT6600/BUS6840   01      Innovation Management
MGMT6820    01     Theories of Management /Foundational Theories of Management
MGMT6100    01     Evidence Based Management Research
MGMT6200    01     Leadership Assessment and Development
MGMT6400    01     Project Management
MGMT6500    01     Major Research Project

PhD Courses

BUS6820        01        Readings in Management
BUS6820        02        Qualitative Research Methods
BUS6830        01        Foundational Theories
MGMT*6000    01    MGMT Seminar Series