MA Management


The MA in Management program provides an enriching, professionally relevant, and flexible academic experience by including you as part of a collaborative research environment. Unlike programs that emphasize a general management area or a specific industry track, the MA in Management emphasizes leadership development and a better understanding of evidence based management. This program provides you with the necessary training to continue in higher education, but also prepares you to successfully enter managerial, consulting or analyst positions.

Evidence-based Management

Evidence-based management enables graduates to make better managerial decisions through the explicit and thoughtful use of the best available evidence from multiple sources by: 

  1. Asking: translating a practical issue or problem into an answerable question 
  2. Acquiring: systematically searching for and retrieving evidence 
  3. Appraising: critically judging the trustworthiness and relevance of the evidence 
  4. Aggregating: weighing and pulling together the evidence 
  5. Applying: incorporating the evidence into the decision-making process 
  6. Assessing: evaluating the outcome of the decision taken to increase the likelihood of a favourable outcome.* 

This program offers specialized electives focused around project management, business consulting, leadership and accounting. Each term you’ll participate in a research seminar, which allows you to engage with students in discussions with peers, faculty, academic scholars from other universities and business leaders.

Timeline of Program

Students complete the MA in Management in 4 terms. During your first semester you’ll complete core courses and propose your research question, while developing and enhancing key project management skills. The second semester will see you develop quantitative and qualitative skills necessary for designing your research, while enhancing consulting and other managerial skills. The final two semesters are dedicated to completing your major research project. 

The MA in Management program is right for you if…

  • You are currently finishing or have recently graduated with an undergraduate or master's degree and want to study further in a specialized graduate program in Management.
  • You are motivated to develop your leadership skills and expertise for conducting rigorous research.
  • You seek managerial and consulting positions that emphasize evidence based decision making.

For more information on this program, contact Davar Rezania, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Management (

*Barends, E., Rousseau, D. M., & Briner, R. B. (2015). Evidence-Based Management, The Basic Principles. In Search of Evidence.