Winter 2020 Course Outlines


ACCT*1220 01-02 Introductory Financial Accounting

ACCT*1220 DE Introductory Financial Accounting

ACCT*1240 01-02 Applied Financial Accounting

ACCT*2230 01 Management Accounting

ACCT*2230 DE Management Accounting

ACCT*3230 01-04 Intermediate Management Accounting 

ACCT*3330 01-02 Intermediate Financial Accounting I

ACCT*4220 01 Advanced Financial Accounting

ACCT*4230 01-02 Advanced Management Accounting

ACCT*4290 01-02 IT Auditing & Data Analysis

ACCT*4340 01 Accounting Theory

ACCT*4440 01-02 Integrated Cases in Accounting

HROB*2010 01 Foundations of Leadership

HROB*2010 DE Foundations of Leadership

HROB*2090 01-02 Individuals & Groups in Organizations

HROB*2090 DE Individuals & Groups in Organizations

HROB*2290 01 Human Resources Management

HROB*2290 DE Human Resources Management

HROB*3030 01 Workplace Health & Safety

HROB*3090 01 Developing Talent

HROB*3100 01-02 Development Mgmt & Leadership Competencies

HROB*4000 01 Leadership & Organizational Mgmt Capstone

HROB*4010 DE Leadership Certificate Capstone

HROB*4060 01 Workforce Optimization

MGMT*1200 01 Principles of Management

MGMT*3020 01 Corporate Social Responsibility

MGMT*3020 DE Corporate Social Responsibility

MGMT*3330 01 Project Management

MGMT*3320 01,02,03 & 05 Financial Management 

MGMT*3320 DE Financial Management

MGMT*4260 01 Business

UNIV* 2100 DE Career Ready: Develop your Future


BUS*6820 01 Readings in Management

MGMT*6000 01 Evidence-based MGMT Seminar Series

MGMT*6120 01 Quantitative Methods for Evidence-based MGMT

MGMT*6300 01 Business Consulting

MGMT*6500 01 Major Research Project