Research Projects MCB*4500 & MCB*4510

Registering in Molecular and Cellular Biology Research Projects (MCB*4500 & MCB*4510)

Students in these courses do independent laboratory research under the supervision of individual faculty. You must have identified and confirmed a advisor before you can register and begin your Project course.

Instructions for students:

The following steps must be completed before you can register in a Research Projects program.

  1. You must have the prerequisites for Research Projects as detailed in the Calendar.
  2. You must identify a faculty member who is willing to provide lab space, resources, and supervision to you in the research project courses. Potential advisors should be contacted at least one semester before you register for your project course. Advisors can be from any Department at the University of Guelph provided that their research involves biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and/or microbiology. Research being done by faculty in the MCB Department is described on their faculty pages.
  3. After you have decided on an advisor you should confirm the commitment of the faculty member using the Project Agreement.
    Complete the Agreement by checking off the Prerequisites or identifying any deficiencies. Your Advisor MUST sign beside each deficiency. A Project Agreement is only complete when all signatures are obtained where required.
  4. When you have secured an advisor, obtain a Course Waiver Request form and fill it out for the course. The form can be picked up from Enrolment Services on the 3rd floor of the University Centre or it can be downloaded from the above link and printed.
  5. Leave the section number blank because the Course Coordinator will assign a section number corresponding to your faculty advisor.
  6. Make an appointment to meet with the Course Coordinator to hand in your signed Research Project Agreement form, and have your Course Waiver Request form signed.
    NOTE: the Course Coordinator signs your Course Waiver Request (not your advisor). The current Course Coordinator is Dr. Enoka Wijekoon (
  7. Submit the signed Course Waiver Request to Enrolment Services on the 3rd floor of the University Centre to be registered in the course.

NOTE: The Research Agreement is for the entire Project (MCB*4500 & MCB*4510) unless either the Student or the Advisor choose to withdraw.

Withdrawal must be made in writing to the Coordinator.