Graduate Faculty

Akhtar, Tariq - Assistant Professor
(plant metabolism and secondary metabolites)
Allen-Vercoe, Emma - Associate Professor
(microbial ecology of the gut)
Bag, Jnanankur - Adjunct Professor
(molecular machinery involved in mRNA)
Baker, Mark - Professor
(homologous recombination in mammalian cells)
Bendall, Andrew - Associate Professor and Graduate Studies Coordinator
(molecular biology of vertebrate development)
Brauer, Manfred - Associate Professor
(NMR spectroscopy and imaging of biological systems)
Campbell, Malcolm - Professor and VP Research
(plant genome biology)
Clarke, Anthony - Professor, Assistant VP (Graduate Studies & Program Quality Assurance)
(carbohydrases, amino acids, enzymes)
Colasanti, Joseph - Associate Professor
(developmental signalling in plants)
Coppolino, Marc - Department Chair, Associate Professor
(membrane traffic, control of integrin function, cellular motility)
Dawson, John - Professor and Faculty Director, CBS Office of Educational Scholarship and Practice (COESP)
(muscle proteins)
Emes, Michael - Professor
(plant metabolism)
Graether, Steffen - Associate Professor
(structure and biochemistry of drought- and cold-stress proteins, intrinsically disordered proteins)
Harauz, George - Professor, Canada Research Chair
(protein structure and characterization in multiple sclerosis (MS))
Jones, Nina - Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair
(signaling events in mammalian development and disease)
Josephy, David - Professor
(biochemical toxicology, molecular toxicology)
Kaushik, Azad - Associate Professor
Khursigara, Cezar - Associate Professor
(high-resolution imaging, cell division and bacterial biofilms)
Kimber, Matthew - Associate Professor
(macromolecular crystallography)
Krell, Peter - Adjunct Professor
Lam, Joseph - Professor, Canada Research Chair
(pathogens and lung infections, cystic fibrosis)
Lu, Ray - Associate Professor
(cell signaling, animal stress response, herpesvirus-cell interaction)
Mathur, Jaideep - Associate Professor
(plant cell biology and development, cytoskeleton, subcellular interactions)
Meng, Baozhong - Associate Professor
(plant virology, molecular and cellular biology of RNA viruses, virus-host interactions)
Merrill, Rod - Professor
(protein structure & function, bacterial toxins)
Mosser, Richard - Associate Professor
(cellular response to stress, heat shock proteins, regulation of apoptotic signaling pathways)
Mullen, Robert - Professor, University Research Chair
(plant cell and molecular biology, plant organelle biogenesis)
Mutharia, Lucy - Associate Professor
(mycobacterium paratuberculosis, causes of Johne's disease or paratuberculosis)
Nassuth, Annette - Associate Professor
(plant stress tolerance and development)
Perreault, Melissa - Associate Professor
(neuronal communication and systems, animal models of neuropsychiatric disease)
Rothstein, Steven - Professor, University Research Chair
(plant metabolism and nitrogen use)
Ryan, Scott - Assistant Professor
(cytoskeletal dynamics in neural development and disease)
Seah, Stephen - Associate Professor
(iron acquisition systems in microbial pathogens, enzymes for bioremediation)
Tetlow, Ian - Associate Professor
(plant metabolism, glycobiology)
Uniacke, Jim - Assistant Professor
(translational control and oxygen-sensing in human health and cancer)
Van der Merwe, George - Associate Professor
(fermentation, wine yeasts)
Van Raay, Terry - Associate Professor
(regulation of Wnt signaling, cellular polarity, zebrafish)
Vessey, John - Assistant Professor
(RNA localization in neural precursor cells)
Whitfield, Chris - Professor, Canada Research Chair
(prokaryotic glycobiology, cell-surface assembly in bacterial pathogens)
Wood, Janet - Professor
(bacterial stress responses, regulation of membrane transport)
Yankulov, Krassimir - Associate Professor
(regulation of gene promoters in DNA replication)